Holiday Pet Portraits TODAY at Sophie’s Touch in Gig Harbor!

HolidayFlyer_FinalSanta loves rescue dogs (and the kind people who care for them)!  Visit us at SOPHIE’S TOUCH in Gig Harbor, Washington from 10am – 4pm to have your family’s holiday portrait taken.  Dogs (on leashes) welcome!   

A $10 donation gets you the sitting fee, digital photos, 1 digital print, and treats for the whole family!  100% of proceeds go to CHEW Dog Rescue.

Sophie's Touch

Save a dog, save a life with CHEW Dog Rescue!   

Thinking about getting a dog this holiday season?

Get on Santa’s good side and become a dog foster with CHEW Dog Rescue!

Never fostered before?  No problem! We’ll help you get started with some helpful tips and even some supplies to get you started.

Open your home to a forever friend this holiday.  Save a dog, save a life with CHEW Dog Rescue.

BEST Black Friday Deal

WordPress made their totally sweet premium themes free for 14 days yesterday!  How awesome is that?  (It’s always the little things, right?)

First, check out the new look of our blog, then check out this post from WordPress Official talking about the deal.

We likey.

Holiday Reflections: 20 Things We Should Say More Often

I don’t know about everyone else, but even though I LOOOOVE Halloween, Thanksgiving really marks the beginning of the “holiday season” for myself-personally.  And with each holiday season, I spend extra time reflecting on how to end this year on a good note (read: do some last-minute damage control to get me back on Santa’s “good” list) as well as start the next one on an even better note.

Obviously, I’m not the only one who does this because the internet is starting to fill up with warm and fuzzy posts about giving back and working on becoming an all-around better human being.

To start us off, I stumbled across this gem that totally warmed my heart! (Which is especially nice because I’ve been up since 5am and the once hot coffee is now cold.)

Kid President
Seriously, he is too adorable for words.

Let’s dance!

It’s not quite Thanksgiving yet…

…But we’re already getting jazzed for Christmas.  The blame rests on this little gem that I found in my travels across the internet:

Light-up Stegosaurus
Isn’t he adorably festive?!

My heart leapt and I immediately thought, ” ‘Christmas in Jurassic Park’ would be the best holiday theme in the world of holiday themes.”  Soon, I was off and pinteresting!  I added the best of my findings to my ‘Christmas’ board, along with a bunch of the recipes/gift ideas that have been stewing in my brain over the past year.  If you’d like to see what the holidays mean to the Strikes Twice team, check out the board and you’ll soon find out.

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