Beating Creative (Dol)drums

City Target in Downtown Seattle
One day, I’m going to ride in that cart escalator.

The last few weeks have been a blast! Kiki joined our growing cadre of Shiba Inus, Micah came back from his deployment to Afghanistan, and football season has returned (GO HAWKS!). The tempo was awesome and we were taking pictures at events EVERYWHERE.

But the action can’t stay dialed up to 11 all the time.  There are bound to be lulls between the last big thing and the next big thing.  PAX Prime is over, Jet City Comic Show isn’t until November, and ECCC doesn’t happen until March 2014!  Everyone’s back to school.  And what’s worse, It’s Tuesday.

If you’re like us, you’re always looking for inspiration to keep the creative ‘GO’ going and sometimes it’s hard to find.

Allow us to share with you some of our favorite pep talks/articles/quotes that revive the wind in our creative sails and stir us from inspiration doldrums that haunt us all from time to time.

Who or what gets your creativity revving? Follow us and share your favorites!

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