Columbus Cup 2014: Concept Sketches

Hey there — Leilani here!  I just wrapped up a project for “Soccer in Sun – Soccer Tournaments” and wanted to share some of the fun sketches for T-shirts on that didn’t make it to final production.  The art direction I had been initially given was: old men playing soccer in the Arizona desert.

My personal favorite!
The tournament was held at a resort which happened to also have a golf course — hence the golf club.
Crest + [Anything] = Cool… right?

To see the final designs, you can visit my digital portfolio here.

When Worlds Collide!

You may have heard the rumors and I’m here to confirm that the rumors are true! It was bound to happen eventually!

Micah and I found full-time jobs.

Finally! 9 to 5s with medical/dental/vision insurance, paid holidays off and we’re even making enough money to put some away every month. Unfortunately, that did mean we had to sacrifice some of the perks of freelancing, like staying up late/not getting up early, impromptu in-field photography sessions and mid-day work dates with our other freelancing friends. Bummer.

HOWEVER, we don’t let little things like that get us down! Strikes Twice is still available to help you with your digital design and photography needs! We’re accepting new clients all the time, just with the caveat that our turn-around time won’t be 24-72 hours like it has been in the past.

Thanks for your patronage and watching us grow!  We have a couple of projects lined up for the next few months that we are looking forward to sharing with you! When you need to plan your next vacation or business trip, call me! 😀

Holiday Pet Portraits TODAY at Sophie’s Touch in Gig Harbor!

HolidayFlyer_FinalSanta loves rescue dogs (and the kind people who care for them)!  Visit us at SOPHIE’S TOUCH in Gig Harbor, Washington from 10am – 4pm to have your family’s holiday portrait taken.  Dogs (on leashes) welcome!   

A $10 donation gets you the sitting fee, digital photos, 1 digital print, and treats for the whole family!  100% of proceeds go to CHEW Dog Rescue.

Sophie's Touch

Save a dog, save a life with CHEW Dog Rescue!   

Thinking about getting a dog this holiday season?

Get on Santa’s good side and become a dog foster with CHEW Dog Rescue!

Never fostered before?  No problem! We’ll help you get started with some helpful tips and even some supplies to get you started.

Open your home to a forever friend this holiday.  Save a dog, save a life with CHEW Dog Rescue.

BEST Black Friday Deal

WordPress made their totally sweet premium themes free for 14 days yesterday!  How awesome is that?  (It’s always the little things, right?)

First, check out the new look of our blog, then check out this post from WordPress Official talking about the deal.

We likey.

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